«City Lights»
featuring Nicolas Winet

(Dean Denmark)

About the artist

Living in Zurich, Switzerland, singer and guitarist Dean Denmark walks the way of the traditional singer-songwriter, combining classical folk elements with Blues, funk and rock. By his own account, the essence of his music is „a touch of folk, melodic guitar lines and delicate introspection“.

Thanks to his Blues- and folk-loving father, the now 30-year-old had an early introduction to legends such as Eric Clapton or B.B. King. Amazed by the intensity, dynamic and honesty of their craft he soon developed his own visions of being a guitar man, promptly picking up lessons, henceforth turning music into the outlet of his own emotions and creativity. A love unwavering for the story-tellers and virtuosos of the Sixties and Seventies, Dean Denmark still takes inspiration from contemporary artists, among them Amos Lee and Damien Rice. His various musical influences are interwoven with elements of literature, painting and history to form his commentary on society and to tell tales of personal experiences, of love, longing and the fulfillment of dreams. His stories are taken straight from life and thus feel authentic, carrying volumes of emotion delivered by a warm voice. To round it out, his harmonic approach at playing the guitar allows him to easily capture his audience and entertain, while or rather through emotionally engaging them.


Standing on the edge of a red giant bridge
Life seems fate, worn out and ready to ditch
His wonderful wife is waiting for his advice
He is lying on the cold iron

Come with me to see the city lights
Come with me to see the city lights

There’s not enough light to make her sphere brighter
They stole her life without a chance to rewrite

Come with me to see the city lights


Dean Denmark



«The youngest friend in the circle. Blowing out the lights in the city.»