«Tickle Tickle Tickle»
featuring Roli Häusler

(me.man.machine, call me kodo)

About the artist

Roli HäuslerSinger. Guitarist. Songwriter. Producer: Roland was born into a family of musicians. With the support of their father, who’s a passionate upright-bass player and guitarist, Roland and his two brothers found their way into music. Early on, Roland was attracted by Pop and Rock music and started writing his own material at the age of 11. Influenced by the synth-sounds of the 80s and the guitar noises of the 90s, he was part of several bands (The Lambs, Eyelash, Destination Rosie) until he finally found his musical home fronting the Zurich based band me.man.machine. who will release their second album in autumn 2015.
In the mid 90s, Roland built his own recording studio. Initially intended to record his own and his band’s music, he soon helped other local bands to put their ideas on tape. Delilahs, Troimer, Humanoids, My Eve Proposal – they all were happy customers (just to name a few).


You got tricked by the devil though you met him before
Just one kiss kiss kiss, you thought won’t hurt you no more
’cause it’s the smile on the packet that keeps pulling you in
It’s this sweet little pain that shakes your world within

Hey! tickle tickle tickle!

You keep wondering why you never see through early enough
And why this goddamn life of yours is loving it rough
It’s ’cause you’re sunburnt baby and you still won’t listen
You’re sunburnt baby and you don’t want to care

Oh girl you know you want some more
Come here, let’s make you feel all sore
There’s a price to pay, let’s hit the score
You know you want some more


call me kodo



«Roli wasnt sure if he should do it. Then his mate Tobey Lucas delivered. Roli followed suit. Boy, are we glad he did!»