featuring Simon Oestrup


About the artist

Simon Oestrup discovered his passion for music as he listened to Beach Boys and Beatles records. Trying to pick up the clarinette and the piano for several years, he finally cancelled boring classical instrument lessons, threw the notes on the ground, unpacked an old guitar and started to teach himself how to play. And never stopped! Grunge music from Seattle would become highly influential on his musical taste. He played in bands such as The Munchies and Delorean. My Eve Proposal was the most promising group, but imploded as female lead singer Juljka Klingler went to Canada to study art . In 2012, Simon joined his current band me.man.machine to play guitar and sing backing vocals. They are due to release their 2nd album „Plastic Faith“ in september 2015.


Je vais lui montrer ce que le monde fait la nuit
Ou l’or se cache autour de nos vies
J’irai à fond alors approche et
Accroche-toi à moi
On fera des tonnes de symboles et
On bricolera des monstres pour toi et moi

Accroche-toi à moi, accroche-toi à moi

On a brisé la mer pour que l’eau remplisse ton esprit
Et toutes les vagues se couchent sur nos rêves
Ou sont passées ces années?
Qu’est-ce qu’on va faire à partir d’ici ?
Qu’est-ce que le monde nous a appris ?
L’or se trouve dans les années
Que le coeur pourrait changer





«Simon is going to crack many female hearts across the country! What a handsome cutiepie!»