FRED&WALT are firmly deeply rooted in Zurich’s Music Scene.

Fred a.k.a. Steff Kerkhof – of Dutch decent – played in various bands such Elverson, Keadaar, and now LYVTEN – successful as Songwriter, lead singer and guitarist alike. He also followed solo projects and produced albums under the project alias Kerkhof and Skyfire.

Walt a.k.a. Markus Krucker played bass with the indie combo My Eve Proposal and double bass in the Folk’n’Roll combo The Shortbread Cookies. Walt, also known as DJ Crookair, has been proving his pop sensibility for bangers and grooves since 2002 – the year he started creating Bastard-Pop-Bootlegs. His track “I schänke dir 21 Questions” (2004), a mashup of Züri West vs. 50 Cent, was played on the SRF 3s chart show, and shown on joiz tv.

FRED&WALT are rehearsal roomies since 2002. It was only a question of time before they finally started creating music together. They’ve been doing so since November 2013.

Song from the Vault

A sparklingly energetic and danceable guitar record from the club sound stronghold that is Zurich? Producer duo FRED&WALT launched this collaborative project three years ago. They wrote a handful of devilishly good songs, hijacked the best singers in town with the most various musical backgrounds, shook, stirred and served it with star-shaped ice cubes – resulting in a banging and groovy album. 

FRED&WALT pay close attention to detail on «Songs from the Vault», motivating their guest singers to deliver an ace performance and persistently mixing the tracks to perfection. You can hear that everyone involved had a ball. 

It is a daring record: The singers, such as Tobias Carshey and Valentin Kugler of Me, Valentin & You, accepted the challenge and left the comfort zone of their ususal band arrangement. The result is exceptional. 

This is not a mere sampler of a scene, no common remix album nor promo bundle by a label. This is an album with bonkers songs, but still of a piece. There’s the dreamy French pop anthem «Accroche-Toi». The break beat protest song «Hellbringer» by Thorsten Polomski. Roli Häusler and Tobias Carshey elaborate the theme of violent love over high-energy goth and g funk dance tracks. And Pascal Schulz gives voice to his heartache on the Tequila-fuelled  break up ballad «Chica loca». 

Normally, this doesn’t match up. But it does here. And it’s a brilliant fit – with musical surprises at exactly the right pace. Each song features a new singer and delves into a different genre and mood. 

The album is euphoric and makes you yearn for summer. Fred&Walt feature the talent that is at work in this city. It makes you want to check out the work and main projects of everyone involved, which is on a high and international level. 


Songs from the vault was written, recorded, arranged & produced by FRED&WALT at the Kerkhof Studio 2013-2016.

FRED is Steff Kerkhof. WALT is Markus Krucker.

1, 2, 5, 7 mixed by Patrick Böhler
3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 mixed by Steff Kerkhof

Mastered by Philipp Welsing @ Original Mastering